Andrew Who??

An experimental film background paired with an upbringing in Rome, Italy are what Andrew attributes his style to most. From the get-go he has been surrounded by vivid storytelling imagery and an immense respect for all forms of art.
After drifting around many roles in both production and post, Andrew was stopped dead in his tracks by the color grading process and has never looked back.
In 2018 Andrew joined the Mill NY as a color assist and worked his way up to colorist in 2021. He was fortunate enough to train under and work alongside the likes of Mikey Rossiter, Damien Vandercruyssen, Nicholas Metcalf, Josh Bohoskey, and Fergus McCall. In 2022 he left the Mill to pursue a freelance career.
Obsessed with cameras and the entire image capture pipeline, Andrew brings his unique eye and technicality to all his creative collaborations, which include the likes of Asics, Bose, Louis Vuitton, Neiman Marcus, and Hypebeast.
In his spare time, he likes to while away the hours skiing, wishing he had a dog, and reading up on cameras he won't buy.